Teaching Assistants

Apr 28, 2022 1 min read
Teaching Assistants
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Meet our teaching assistants!

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Ms. Alessia
1st Kyu (Brown Belt)

Ms. Mash
1st Kyu (Brown Belt)
Baguhan in Arnis (Yellow Belt)


As teaching assistants at the Dapo, they are proud to be able to spend time with the students they teach and the instructors they assist. Ms. Alessia has been at the Dapo for over 10 years, whereas Ms. Mash has been there for 3. These two train consistently every week and put in the time to learn and grow, so they can become better role models in the future. Being students, they are juggling their jobs, school, and extra-curriculars by working hard and being strong, powerful women. Ms. Alessia and Ms. Mash have also collaborated in the creation of the CMAC Dapo merch store, which was their idea. Their unbreakable friendship is one to be inspired by.

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