Private Martial Arts Classes in CMAC Mississauga and Brampton

Jun 28, 2021 2 min read
Private Martial Arts Classes in CMAC Mississauga and Brampton
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Private martial arts lessons are available for students of all ages in all martial arts programs including karate, arnis, and sparring.

Please contact us to make arrangements for private lessons.

Private lessons work well for—

  • Instructors or those with advanced levels and need a faster, more challenging pace
  • Martial arts professionals needing a custom training program
  • Students with unique requirements or situations specific to their therapy, recovery from trauma, or rehabilitation
  • Students who prefer to start training in a female-only setting
  • Exam preparation, especially brown belt and higher
  • Special needs student
  • Making up missed lessons
  • Review after extended absence
  • Demonstration, performance, choreography, etc.

Details for Private Lessons

Programs: All programs—Karate, arnis, sparring, kobudo, tai chi
Participants: One-on-one or semi-private
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, specific location [1], or online
Sessions: One session or multiple (with discount)
Ages: Available for all ages
Experience: Beginners accepted. No experience required
Pre-requisite: Interview
Fees: Payment must be made prior to each class. 48 hours is required for cancellations.
Schedule: Private lessons are not provided on Fridays. Please allow 2–3 business days to arrange your sessions.

  1. Additional fee applies for in-person private lessons at premises outside our locations. Rates may vary according to distance. ↩︎

Contact us to book private lessons

Contact CMAC Dapo
Get in touch with us:CMAC Dapo8-1010 Dream Crest Rd, Mississauga ON L5V 3A4905-817-0453

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