Our Work

May 24, 2021 7 min read
Our Work
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Here is just a glimpse of the work that CMAC Dapo has been accomplishing over the last 17 years.

From governments to charities, schools to offices, children to military forces, educational to tactical—and of course the hundreds of students and families served yearly—here is just a glimpse of the work that CMAC Dapo has been accomplishing over the last 17 years.
Along with the constant refinement of our school, instructors, and curriculum, we are pushing the boundaries of martial arts beyond its threshold today to empower students and communities past destructive behaviours towards working in concert for the advancement of humanity.

Tactical Skills Training · Classical Combat

Military and Special Forces

Seminars · Year-round classes · Summer programs

Government Institutions

Art for charity · Art Shows · Art Seminars

Art councils and art collaboratives

Rigorous training · Refinement of body, mind, spirit

Full-time martial arts school

Weekly classes for all ages · Examinations · Black belt gradings · Instructor certification
Programs in karate, arnis, sparring; kobudo, tai chi

Local and international opportunities

Seminars, events, and training trips

In-school programs · Summer camps

Public and private schools

English and French

Thousands of students since 2003

CMAC Dapo Reviews and Testimonials
Read a few heartfelt testimonials from the CMAC Dapo community

Charity work · Community support · Financial aid

Non-profit organizations

Donations· Fundraisers · Campaigns

Environmental organizations

Executive and Corporate Programs

Businesses and corporations


Sports venues · Local and international events

Over a hundred black belt graduates in karate, kobudo, internal arts, and arnis

Black belt alumni

Black belt graduates apply their training in their careers, education, family life, and contributions to society. Many remain deeply involved in the life of the Dapo, each other, and martial arts. As a community, they move the martial arts forward and pave the way for those who will come after them.

The path of martial arts widens and narrows, deepens and shallows to accommodate the many vessels that navigate it, and the unique journeys that they take.

Proud Affiliate

Modern Arnis Tapitapi International
International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines

Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis

Collaboration and cooperation

Martial arts schools and organizations
in Canada and around the world

Karate · Kobudo · Tai chi · Arnis

What makes CMAC Dapo the best martial arts school in Mississauga and Brampton?

“There is no secret technique involved—it is merely going above and beyond to help each student arrive at the best person they can be,” says a senior CMAC Dapo instructor.

—Interview with snapd Mississauga newspaper on September 2018

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