What happens in a martial arts trial class for youth–adults

Apr 29, 2022 5 min read
What happens in a martial arts trial class for youth–adults
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A trial class is the best way to know what it is like to be a student of CMAC Dapo. The assessment’s aim is to help you learn about us, and also about yourself. We also hope it reinforces the goals you want to achieve through martial arts.

You can also read the version for children ages 4–7 and 8–12: What happens in a martial arts trial class for children. This article may also be helpful for parents who will be accompanying your teenager.


  • At the Dapo, a trial class is also referred to as an assessment class, since we assess the prospective student’s performance as part of their admissions requirement.
  • Keep in mind, this guide is based on how a trial session happens at CMAC Dapo. Other establishments will have different protocols.
  • This article applies to karate, arnis, and sparring programs.

We hope that this guide helps you prepare and have the best experience possible, at our school, and other martial arts establishments you try.

1. What is a trial class?

A trial class is a regular class, where a prospective student is allowed to participate. It is the best way to know what it is like to be a student of CMAC Dapo. Think of it like sitting in at a university lecture, to get a good feel of the class and school environment.

A trial class is also a student assessment

  • During the trial class at the Dapo, we assess the prospective student’s aptitude for martial arts study.
  • Since spaces are limited, an assessment is an important step for student admission. We are looking for students who vibe with our energy and core values, and we hope to match yours as well!

2. Before the trial class


We recommend completing forms and waivers prior to class—all of these are available electronically and sent via SMS or email. You may arrive 5 minutes prior to class time as well, to take care of any details and settle in.

Quick Tour

If it is your first time at the school, the admin staff will take you for a quick tour of all facilities, changerooms, and the main training hall. The administrator will also introduce you to the instructor who will assist you during the class.

What to bring

  • Your phone or device to complete any forms or waivers
  • Credit card (for credit card payments) or banking info (for direct debit payments)—if you wish to enrol at the end of class
  • One piece of government ID for security verification
  • Water bottle to hydrate
  • Change of clothes, if desired
  • For arnis trials: Arnis sticks—if you have any. We have loaners onsite.
  • For sparring trials: Sparring gear-if you have any. We have loaners onsite.

If you are bringing someone to try the class with you

You can train together in class as partners, and the instructor will work with you together. Bringing a friend is a quick way to get comfortable in a new environment, so we encourage friends to try their first class together.

3. Meeting our faculty

The instructor will show you inside the training hall, and introduce you to the main instructor and fellow students. You will most likely have already spoken with at least one of our instructors, and it’s always great to finally meet in-person.

The CMAC Dapo training hall stands empty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic yet our spirits are full of hope!
Fellow students and instructors will welcome you on your first day.
Who you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today.

4. In-class training

You will start with the group warm-up, and the instructor will modify any exercise as necessary. There are no spectators during class, so you can be yourself and be comfortable training.

The assessment curriculum

The instructor will follow the assessment curriculum and modify it based on your goals, current fitness level, and experience. 99% of those who start are beginners, so do not worry about meeting a particular fitness or experience requirement.

  • Warm up and fitness
  • Basics
  • Applications
  • Self-defences
  • Review and closing
Book your free trial class
Start at CMAC Dapo for free by trying a class. Due to limited space, your booking is not guaranteed until our staff confirms your appointment. Thank you for understanding.

5. Questions?

Training questions → Ask the instructor

For training questions, we encourage you to ask the instructor during your trial. Getting your questions answered will help you make the most informed decision for yourself.

Admissions questions → Ask the administrator

For questions about payments, schedules, cancellations, absences, and the like, in case they were not addressed in our prior correspondences, kindly reserve them for the administrator, and discuss them at the admin area. We do our best to address this information prior to your trial class, so that you can attend your class with peace of mind.

Online Information Sessions on Wednesdays

We hold online information sessions for prospective parents and students on Wednesday evenings at 7:10pm. Register for the next one to get your questions answered prior to your trial!
Online Info Session · Weekly Wednesday Webinars
We offer online sessions every week. They’ll help you learn more about CMAC Dapo and what it is like to train martial arts here, right from the comfort of your own home!

6. Assessment results

The instructor will inform you of your performance in the assessment. We hope that the assessment helps you learn about us, and also about yourself. We also hope it reinforces the goals you want to achieve through martial arts.

Possible questions to ask the instructor about your training

  • How long will it take for me to improve my fitness level?
  • When should I expect to earn my first rank?
  • What can I do at home to supplement my in-class training?
  • This is a good investment in myself—can I get started TODAY?

7. In case your admission needs to be postponed

There are some cases when we do not recommend admission. Although martial arts can help many, not all are ready to receive its lessons here at our school, at this time.

Some reasons for postponing admission

  • A more suitable establishment fits your needs and energy
  • Extremely poor physical aptitude - A fitness program may be recommended first, prior to starting martial arts
  • Disrespectful behaviour and derogatory attitude

8. Enrolment can be completed at the end of class

You may take care of payment with administration, and then get your martial arts training gear at the same time.

Your first day of training is memorable! All the instructors still remember our very first class, too!

If you prefer to decide at home, that is okay too. We will not chase you or try to convince you to sign up with sales gimmicks. If you like the program and our energy, and believe this is a good decision for you, then let’s work together in achieving the goals you have set out.

Book your free trial class!

Try a free class at CMAC Dapo—spaces are limited, so slots are not guaranteed until confirmed by our staff.

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