Haris Shahdin

Apr 28, 2022 1 min read
Haris Shahdin
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Learn more about Head Instructor and Program Director Haris Shahdin.


Goju Ryu Karate-do - Sandan 3rd degree (CMAC)
Goju Kobudo - Nidan 2nd degree (CMAC)
Niei Chi Level II (CMAC)
Modern Arnis Tapi Tapi - Lakan 1 (IMAFP-MATTI)


Haris Shahdin is the Head Instructor and Program Director for karate in Brampton. With nearly a decade of martial arts training, experience, and instruction, Sensei Shahdin is dedicated to elevating the quality of his students’ martial arts knowledge through the refinement of his own training and instruction.

He started on his martial arts path over 12 years ago, with formal training in karate, kobudo, tai chi, qi gong, and arnis under BasselsJ of CMAC Dapo Mississauga. Over the years, he has trained in China and the Philippines and attended a wide array of martial arts seminars with distinguished martial arts instructors to upgrade his skills and knowledge, most notably Hanshi WM Platt of Classical Martial Arts Canada and Grandmaster Bambit Dulay of Modern Arnis Tapi-Tapi International.

His Mission...

...is to be of service to the community through providing top-notch karate classes in Brampton for students of all ages. In today’s fast-paced and highly informed world, his aim is to bring the community members—children and adults alike—to the fundamentals and benefits of the martial arts.
He is a firm believer in his training that has revolved around the concepts of courtesy and respect, which he strives to practice and teach. He motivates his students to find the energy in themselves to raise their vibrations, reach their goals, and ultimately become responsible citizens.

He is a full-time martial artist, teaching and running his Brampton school weekly. He also works at CMAC Mississauga, and teaches at wellness centres and elementary schools in the community. You will see him working on his tai chi, kobudo, arnis, and karate in Brampton with his fellow karate instructors.

"Listen, learn, study diligently, work hard. Rinse and repeat."
–Haris Shahdin

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