Martial Arts Grading Information

Jun 11, 2021 3 min read
Martial Arts Grading Information
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Gradings are martial arts exams—an opportunity to reveal an intelligence children posses far beyond remembering facts, rules, and getting points. Find full grading details here, and written exams and forms.

Exam Information

Students recommended for promotion will receive an email Grading Recommendation, nominating them for advancement to the next belt level.

Exam Details

Exam Date
All exam dates are here. Your exam date is on your personal email recommendation.

8-1010 Dream Crest Rd, Mississauga

4-7 - 1:30pm

8-12 - 3:15pm

Black Belt - 5:00pm

In-person exam
This is an in-person exam at CMAC Dapo.

Maximum 2 spectators per student.

What Happens in a Martial Arts Grading

Read our in-depth guide to gradings and examinations which outlines what a grading is, why it is important, ranking systems, and what exactly happens in a martial arts grading.

Grading Requirements

A. Registration & Payment

This portion can be completed per family. Enter as many students as you wish that belongs to your household (whomever you will be paying for).
Written tests and Parent Reports need to be completed individually, per student.

B. Parent Report Sheet

The Parent Report Sheet must be submitted for all students ages 17 and under, as part of their martial arts exam.

C. Written Exams

Ages 4–7

Ages 8–12




Grading Preparation

Training Curriculum

You may download PDFs of curriculum for your age group as a guide to preparing for your grading.

CMAC Dapo Curriculum
Although the martial arts curriculum varies across the various age groups, levels, and specific martial arts, there are general requirements which are the core curriculum and foundation of your martial arts study.

Training Library

For access to training videos for practice, please consider subscribing to the Training Library! Subscription is an affordable monthly add-on for current students, and can be added and paused anytime.

CMAC Dapo Training Library

Learn more about progress, black belt, belt rankings, and everything else about gradings. If you cannot find the information here, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Progress and Gradings - CMAC Dapo · Martial arts education for self-refinement
At the Dapo, we collide and push each other’s limits, to grow together past our comfort zones and see what comes out. Exams and gradings are opportunities to apply these pressures in a challenging environment, with support from spectating family, friends, and peers.

Register for your grading

CMAC Dapo Grading Portal

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